Welcome to the Industrial emissions Reporting Information System (IRIS)


IRIS is a website created by the European Commission's DG Environment - with the support of the European Environment Agency (EEA).

IRIS provides a summary of the information reported by Member States on the implementation of several pieces of legislation on industrial emissions - the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC, 2008/1/EC), Solvent Emissions (SE, 1999/13/EC) and Waste Incineration (WI, 2000/76/EC) Directives.

Regarding the IPPC Directive, IRIS contains data on the permitting status, specific information on the way the Directive is transposed and implemented in each Member State, as well as an analysis of data on Emission Limit Values (ELVs) reported by Member States for two industrial sectors per reporting period.

IRIS also provides the results of a project assessing the use of general binding rules for the implementation of the IPPC Directive by the Member States. For more information on the Directives on Industrial Emissions, please consult the Europa website (this link opens a new window and directs you away from this website).

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